Les Cocottes de l’Abacus

(Cooked in saucepan)

Boeuf Bourguignon

Beef top blade, red wine sauce, carrots, onions, bacon and mushrooms, served with mashed potatoes


Cou Au Vin

Black chicken, bacon, onions, red wine sauce, mushrooms and carrots, also served with mashed potatoes


Navarub d'Agneau

Lamb shoulder, white wine sauce, onions, tomatoes and garlic, served with sauteed vegetables


Osso Bucco

(originally an Italian dish, but very often made in the South France)

Veal shank, tomatoes,onions, white wine sauce, oranges, served with risotto


Saute de Porc A La Dijonaise

Pork shoulder, Dijon mustard, creamy white wine sauce, served with a potato gratin



Duck confit, garlic sausage, pork ribs, dry white beans, carrots and tomatoes