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Abacus Restaurant
Fine Cuisine in Siem Reap

Fine Cuisine in Siem Reap

Welcome to Abacus Restaurant, the Best Fine Cuisine Restaurant in Siem Reap. We offer a unique fine cuisine experience in Siem Reap in beautiful surroundings. We have a lush and tropical outdoor garden, air-conditioned dining room, and private dining rooms with space for up to fourteen guests, ask for our VIP room.

Our Chef, Yann, welcomes you to our unique Fine Cuisine Restaurant in Siem Reap. Come and enjoy yourself with our delicious a la carte or set menu, fine wines, great ambience, and luxurious atmostphere.

Fine Cuisine


We use only the finest local and imported ingredients to create only the finest cuisine. Don’t miss out on one of the best culinary experiences in Siem Reap town.

Tropical Gardens

Quiet & Relaxed

Enjoy a meal in our quiet tropical gardens which have been specifically designed to create a personal and romantic atmosphere. Perfect for those who want to enjoy an evening with loved ones.


Fine Dining


Our experienced Chef Yann and his team are happy to invite you to discover their fine cuisine creations. Featuring traditional and contemporary cuisine.

Fine Cuisine Restaurant in Siem Reap

We started out life in 2004 in the Old French Quarter in Siem Reap. In 2009, we outgrew our property and moved to a new and current contemporary restaurant on what is now known as Abacus Lane. Our current location was designed by the award-winning French-Khmer duo Ivan Tizianel and Lisa Ros. They created a stunning dining room with modern and elegant features. Most of all, they created our beautiful tropical garden which is a favourite place to dine for most of our guests who want to get the full experience of Abacus Restaurant.


Abacus Restaurant is busy all year round and making a reservation is strongly recommended. We can’t promise you a table if you arrive without a reservation.

Fine Cuisine Restaurant

Abacus Restaurant is open from 11am to 10pm every day of the week. We host celebrations on special occasions such as Khmer New Year, International New Year, Christmas, and more. Keep an eye on our “What’s On?” page for more information about what’s happening at our restaurant throughout the year. We recommend that you reserve a table as we do get busy all year round whether we have a special occasion or not.

As you can see from our TripAdvisor listing, guests enjoy our fine dining, nice garden, and Fine cuisine. We have created what we believe to be the best Fine Cuisine restaurant in Siem Reap and we have 200+ reviews which all say the same thing!

We created a special private dining area in our restaurant for up to fourteen guests to enjoy a meal in private. This popular room is fully air-conditioned and private from the rest of the restaurant. We also have our main dining room which is cool and comfortable and looks out into our beautiful tropical garden. We have worked hard to create a great ambience and nice atmosphere.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

We serve Fine traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Our guests are looking for fine dining and we aim to give it to them! At Abacus, the food and environment is important, but we believe that our service is equally as important. We also believe that our location away from the busy and loud centre of Siem Reap helps us to create a peaceful environment suitable for our fine dining restaurant.

Our menu is accompanied with an international drink list which features local and international wines and beers. We also have a range of spirits, cocktails, fruit juices and soft drinks. Fine food is always combined with fine wine and we have a great selection of wines from all around the world. Our food menu has both a la carte and a set menu available.

Our experienced Chef, Yann, is happy to welcome you to Abacus Restaurant and help you to discover a traditional fine cuisine as well as our contemporary and modern fine dining. You will get one of the best culinary experiences and an amazing Gastronomic journey in Siem Reap when you come to see us.

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