Abacus – Main dish menu

Veau et Morilles

Veal Tenderloin (170gr) low temperature cooked, vegetables tagliatelle, buttermilk mashed potatoes & Creamy Mushrooms Morel Sauce


Filet de boeuf et Poivre de Kampot

Grilled Australian Beef Filet (200gr), Roasted mini-potatoes, Shiitake & spring onions, Kampot green Pepper Sauce.


Optional Cognac flambed



Entrecote et Vin Rouge

US Rib-Eye Steak, served with french fries, Tomato Thyme Provencal, Shallots and Red Wine Sauce

250gr >> $22
500gr >> $40

Cotes d'agneau au Romarin

Grilled Lamb Chop with fresh Thyme, Gratin Potatoes Dauphinois, Rosemary Reduction Sauce


Hamburger de Boeuf 200 gr

Beef burger (200gr), Ciabatta bread, Roquette salad, emmental cheese, belly bacon & caramelized onion, Garlic mayonnaise served with real homemade french fries


Magret de canard roti

Roasted duck breast, shallot, red wine sauce served with mixed vegetables sautéed.


Cote de boeuf aux cepes

Grilled US Rib of Beef, served with sautéed vegetables and roast potatoes, and a Porcini mushroom sauce

500gr >> $45

1kg >> $80

Thon Rouge, curry thaïlandais a la noix de coco

Red Tuna Maguro Seared Tataki style, vegetable Tagliatelle, Yellow rice turmeric & Thai curry with coconut sauce


Tournedos de Saumon et sauce Basilic

Grilled Salmon tournedos, stuffed with sun-dried tomato, vegetables & Goat Cheese lasagna, Crushed potatoes, Basil Cream Sauce


seabass fillet abacus french restaurant siem reap

Filet de bar grillé

Grilled sea-bass fillet, white wine butter sauce served with vegetables sauteed.


Rositto au Saint-Jacques

Pan Fried US Scallops, white truffle oil, served with risotto


Gambas flambee au Pastis

Grilled king prawns flambéed with Pastis, served with Provencal ratatouille and a cromesquis of jasmine rice


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